Why do stripes appear in heat resistant steel casting

Although the heat-resistant steel casting has developed rapidly in China in recent years, the development of the whole market shows that the heat-resistant steel casting industry in China is still at a low level and faces many problems. China's enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of large enterprises and brand, making China's heat-resistant steel casting industry at the low level.

Why do stripes appear in heat resistant steel casting

Rapid social development, heat - resistant steel casting market competition is fierce. And there are many problems in the industry, such as artificial consumption, energy consumption and environmental pollution. In order to break through the competition must first solve the above problems. To improve the degree of mechanization, reduce the artificial modeling can avoid the increase in cost caused by artificial energy consumption; Energy consumption and environmental pollution can be improved by introducing new processes, testing equipment and quality control measures.

It can be seen that China's heat-resistant steel casting industry still has some problems, the development is very imperfect. If we want to make a breakthrough, we must introduce advanced technology and equipment, improve production methods, and produce high-quality and high-tech products to face the market competition and improve the market competitiveness. The development of China's heat-resistant steel casting industry needs to be intensified and continuous efforts should be made.

Why do stripes appear in heat resistant steel casting

Why stripes appear in the process of heat-resistant steel casting, metal heat treatment equipment combined with many years of experience, for you to organize the following experience, hurry to learn.

1. Marks left by two metal flows not synchronously filling the cavity.

2, low mold temperature, such as zinc alloy mold temperature below 150℃, aluminum alloy mold temperature below 180℃, are easy to produce such defects.

3. Too high filling speed.

4. Excessive amount of paint.

Removal measures of vacuum furnace for heat treatment equipment

1. Adjust the cross-sectional area or position of the internal sprue.

2. Adjust the mold temperature to increase the overflow tank.

3. Adjust the filling speed appropriately to change the flow state of the metal liquid filling cavity in heat-resistant steel casting.

4. The coating is thin and uniform.

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