1700 ℃ box type experimental furnace

1700 ℃ super value box type experimental electric furnace this product uses high-quality silicon molybdenum rod as heating element, adopts intelligent temperature control system, controlled by silicon controlled, with high temperature control accuracy; the furnace adopts high-quality 1700 aluminum oxide polycrystal fiber inorganic material assembly structure formed by Japanese technology vacuum absorption, long-term use without fracture and collapse; the furnace body is double-layer furnace shell, equipped with air cooling system, effectively ensuring the shell Surface temperature.

Main functions and features of the box type experimental furnace:

1. The furnace is made of 1700 high-quality alumina polycrystal fiber inorganic material by vacuum absorption molding with Japanese technology, which has good heat preservation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no impurity ball, high purity. The inner surface of the furnace is coated with imported 1700 degree high temperature resistant heat insulation coating, which can improve the reflectivity and heating efficiency of the furnace, and prolong the service life of the furnace. The energy-saving effect is obviously better than that of domestic Fiber material;

2. The heating element adopts high quality silicon molybdenum rod, which has high heating efficiency and long service life;

3. With the combination furnace design and strict thermal calculation, it is durable and does not collapse. The furnace is equipped with breathing holes, which can reduce the furnace shrinkage and extend the service life of the furnace;

4. The left open furnace door has the function of opening and power-off to ensure the safety of experimental operation;

5. In the experiment, the volatile gas is easy to be discharged;

6. Reserved data conversion interface, cooperated with our special software and connected with computer, can realize remote control, real-time tracking, historical record, output report and other functions of single or multiple electric furnaces;

7. It has over temperature alarm power-off function and leakage protection measures, safe and reliable operation.

Main purpose and scope of application:

It is used in universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises for powder baking, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiment, material processing and quality inspection.


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