Austempering annealing carburizing heat treatment continuous mesh belt furnace

Introduction :
1. Feeding machine
Auto loader(chain lifting) type feeder
Magnetic type feeder
Vibrating type feeder
Usage:deliver (small,medium,large)pieces to front degreasing & washing tank ,so that the work piece enter the furnace heat treatment evenly.
2.Front degreasing & washing tank
Usage and features:
(1) Equipped with a heater in the tank and work pieces are soaked in the hot water in a while, then spray to remove the dirty while moving in the elevator.
(2) Equipped with an oil-water separator and strong blower.
(3) Equipped with a spraying pump.
3.Dephosphating tank
Features:For automotive high strength bolts to phosphorus treatment
Avoid surface microstructure changes, forming a phosphor layer infiltration , fatigue properties of this layer of tissue products, such as would affect .
4.Continuous mesh-belt conveyor & gas controlled hardening(carburizing) furnace
Equipped with string fans at the top of the furnace make uniformity temperature and high quality hardness.
5.Double-layer dyeing tank
(1) Make use of tempering heat for dyeing work piece to save energy.
(2) Adopt high-quality heat exchange to prevent fire caused by overheated oil.
(3) Uses double-layer type dyeing tank with circulation pump, and color of dyeing can be optional.
6.Oiling device
7. Continuous mesh belt conveyor tempering furnace
(1) Heater adopts up-down design to get uniformity temperature and has a long service life and low faulty rate.
(2) Equipped with string fans at the top of the furnace make uniformity temperature and high quality hardness.
8.Automatic temperature control cabinet
It is a continuous furnace,which can complete the process of automatic
feed,front cleaning,carburizing(quenching),post cleaning and tempering ,being appropriate for the standard parts industry (wrench,screwdriver,pliers ,sleeve,
lifting jack etc.)Automobile,motorcycle and bicycle industry;Hardware industy(Clips,knife,nail,shoe,core,nail clipper, chaian,Locks hook etc.),and the continuous heat treatment on sheet carburizing ,carbonitriding,hardening and tempering of textile machinery industry.
Parameter :
Rated temperature(℃):950,Voltage(v): 380v/3p , Heating Zone(L×W×H)(mm) : 5000×450×100 , hardening productivity(kg/h) : 300 kg/h .

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