Transportation Holding Furnace

Application scope:

The furnace is designed for preservation and transport. It is suitable for transporting melted aluminum between furnace and single workshop by forklift.

Transportation Holding Furnace

Structure description:

Low carbon steel shell, frame structure;

The upper cover fixed with screws serves as the bottom base of the steel ring at the same time;

The steel ring is attached with a thermocouple container for measuring melt;

The furnace bottom is reinforced with U-shaped curved plate for forklift transportation;

A layer of micro insulation material, a row of blue bricks and crucible base at the furnace bottom, and no anti flow concrete at the bottom base;

The furnace wall is insulated by mineral fiber insulation panel;

The furnace bottom is provided with fire-resistant concrete emergency drainage ditch;

Kanthal electric heating wire;

Ht40 controller ensures control within the standard value;

Independent switchboard;

Special frame setting includes internal and external independent frames;

The outer frame is fixed on the floor, and the inner frame is attached to the outer frame by rubber block shock absorber;

Leakage protection device, ammeter;

S-type thermocouple;

Semiconductor contactless relay;

Independent defining unit.

The standard design includes:

Ht40t controller with limit unit;

The crucible is protected by a cast iron ring;

Three ammeters are used to detect the heating state;

Leakage protection device;

Measuring thermocouple with protective tube.

Additional charge attachment:

Industrial controller;

Bu400 crucible;

The electric furnace is connected with the computer;


The heating box has precise temperature control;

First class insulation;

The use of cast iron ring can prolong the service life of crucible;

The furnace crucible can be protected from damage by the emergency drain pipe at the furnace bottom;

Simple design, melting and transportation in one.

Type LAC
     Serial No.
     kg AL
Melting temperature
Crucible TypeCrucible Vol.(L)电压
External dimensions
     (wxh) mm
PTT 400/124001200BU 4001604001450x930491100

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