Raceway type aluminum alloy quenching furnace


Gdl-200-6 runway type aluminum alloy quenching furnace is a new generation of automatic quenching furnace production line introduced by our company, which is mainly used for rapid automatic quenching heat treatment of aluminum alloy castings, aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy plates, aluminum alloy network plates, pistons, etc. Adopt microcomputer program to control temperature with high precision. Hankou electric furnace company can also design and manufacture aluminum alloy quenching furnace production line according to the technical requirements specified by various types of users.

Raceway type aluminum alloy quenching furnace

Brief Introduction of structure:

The racetrack type aluminum alloy quenching furnace is composed of several parts of a complete set of aluminum alloy quenching production line, including automatic feeding and discharging racetrack, specially designed high-uniform-temperature multi-air passage multi-air hole hot air internal circulation system, precision designed high-temperature high-resistance heating element, automatic quenching frame after the furnace, automatic quenching frame after quenching.

The mechanical action of racetrack type aluminum alloy quenching furnace is fully automatic by PLC, and the aluminum alloy quenching process is fully automatic by microcomputer. By artifacts into the furnace, the technology curve automatic heating, automatic heat preservation, raceway automatic rolling, automatic into the quenching tank, automatic drying after quenching, above all process steps without manual operation, can be fully automatic production line, is a high-tech enterprise, high standard high demand of aluminium alloy quenching equipment choice, aluminum alloy quenching technology to achieve the same level.

Temperature control system:

Adopting the advanced microcomputer automatic temperature control system professionally manufactured by our company, combined with the international high-end brand PLC automatic control system, the aluminum alloy quenching process curve is precisely executed and the complete industrial automation is fully automatic. Only one worker can complete all the processes from feeding to discharging.

Technical parameters:

Parameter nameCompanymodel
Rated powerKW200220
Rated voltageV380
maximum temperature550
working temperature220-550
Number of phasesmutually3
chamber of a stove or furnace
Heating element connection
Temperature rise time of empty furnaceh±5
control accuracy2.5
Maximum loading capacityKg10002000

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